Products and Solutions
        AUTO 300 series
The types of AUTO 300 series expansion module as digital input and output module, analog input and output module, temperature measurement module, power supply module, model complete, flexible configuration. Stable,  reliable, strong compatibility, suitable for complex control. Cost-effective.
■     The channel isolation: input channel of module using optical isolation, excellent anti-interference performance, reliability;
■     The bus is reliable: all modules, bus and power, bus and channel all adopt isolation technology, stable performance;
■     The polarity protection: all modules adopt power supply polarity protection, convenient operation;
■     The strong compatibility: module is fully compatible with Siemens S7-300 and VIPA 300V;
■     The product technique: all modules are fully automatic SMT production, pretty appearance;
■     High temperature aging: all modules are high temperature aging test before they leave the factory ,  to ensure high-quality.